The Top 5 Attributes of a Great Door Supervisor

The Top 5 Attributes of a Great Door Supervisor

According to the Security Industry Authority, there are just over 250,000 licensed door supervisors in the UK. But what does it take to fulfil this role with the utmost professionalism?

For some, a great door supervisor will have physical strength, while others believe they need composure in difficult and demanding situations. In fact, there’s numerous attributes every great door supervisor has, starting with the following:


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SIA Door Supervisors

The Importance of Employing SIA Door Supervisors

In order to keep the peace and ensure everyone has an enjoyable night out, most pubs and clubs will employ door supervisors. However, it is a criminal offence to undertake the licensable activities of a door supervisor without an SIA licence.

The SIA (Security Industry Authority) is the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry, which reports to the Home Secretary. It covers manned guarding (including security guarding, door supervision, …Read More